ABOUT Our Philosophy

With dedication and sincerity,
we spare no effort.

We procure several tens of tons of sansho (Japanese pepper) annually from Shimizu,
Aridagawa Town in Wakayama Prefecture,
the premier sansho-producing region in Japan. From this,

we meticulously select only the highest quality for use in Hirano Seishoan's products.

We grind the sansho using a stone mill, preserving its natural flavor.

Please enjoy our unique and unparalleled sansho.

Fushimi InariHirano Seishoan

PRODUCT Product Information

Our speciality SANSHO

Our specialitySANSHO

Our speciality SANSHO A masterpiece that represents our store, using 100% "Budo Sansho," which is said to be the pinnacle of Wakayama Prefecture's sansho.

For eel and grilled fish, as well as salads.

Yuzu & Cayenne Pepper Yuzu & Cayenne Pepper

Yuzu & Cayenne PepperYuzu & Cayenne Pepper

Yuzu flavor blended with “Ichimi” (domestic cayenne pepper).

A single shake spreads the scent of Yuzu, enhancing the flavor of the food even more.

It is recommended for Nabe (hot pot) and miso soup.

One of our speciality at Hirano Seishoan SHICHIMI

One of our speciality at Hirano SeishoanSHICHIMI

Shichimi (7 types of peppers blended together) With the spiciness of chili and fragrant sesame flavor,

Savory taste ICHIMI

Savory tasteICHIMI

Grown in Coral Island, Kikaijima Made with domestic chili peppers rich in minerals.

It is both bitter and sweet.

We are proud of its rich flavor.